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of the economy except for government employment. government employment again fell pretty significantly, but across services, even manufacturing has been having some pretty good job growth. and retail trade, so it was kind of across the board for this month. overall, what you have seen is the health sector, if you say over the last two years, where have the jobs been growing? they haven't been really in anything touching on the housing market. so real estate, construction, those things haven't done well. but a lot of services, a lot of export related, and a lot of manufacturing have been kind of the sectors leading it. >> so the president is promising in the next four years if elected he will create jobs in the millions. mitt romney is promising if elected he'll create 12 million jobs. but at the same time, romney underscoring government isn't the one that creates jobs. how does either one deliver on the promise of creating millions of jobs? >> well, you know, the first thing to note is when an economy is growing, even at a moderate pace, it's going to generate a lot of jobs. i think if
to our partners in the federal governme government. president obama has been on top of this situation and very informed. i've spoken to him several times myself. he wants to know what new york needs. he has been all over. fema has been fantastic. and responsive and working these types of situations. i have total respect for the job that fema is doing. i want to thank them very much as well as the army corps of engineers. as you all know, one of the major problems still is the water in the tunnels, the water has receded, so when you drive around, it looks like most of the water is gone, but the water filled the subway tunnels in many places, fill the brooklyn battery tunnel, and when the water fills the tunnels, that means con-edison has issues. much of con-ed's equipment was in the tunnels, so getting the water out of the tunnels probably the main -- one of the main orders of business right now. first a transportation update. as you know, the new york city buses are at full service today. thank you, mr. joe and your extraordinary team. there will be limited commuter rail service on me
, and that is the government report that comes out friday. government jobs report expectations comes in at a bit less than that. pegging that number anywhere from 105,000 to 130,000. you know, any way you slice it, we're still at a point where we're only adding enough to barely keep up the population growth. it's not going to bring down unemployment in a significant way at this point. it's been kind of stuck. the economy added 114,000 jobs in september. this one is the last option before the election. it takes on that much more importance. both sides are likely to find something to talk about. president obama would say it's better than the 800,000 jobs we were losing when he took office. and romney could come out and say the unemployment rate is still high. and both would be right. economists would say it doesn't really matter. what's going on in your own life? do you have a job? does your spouse have a job? most people will vote with what is happening in their own lives. >> most people hear blah, blah, blah. >> it is really what you're feeling more than statistical. >>> more charges expected in the penn state
most of our constitutional laws don't give the government-elected officials the authority to force people to leave, so what government does do is control the transportation, control the roads, control the buildings. so this is a way to encourage people to leave. >> and when they tell you, you know, to basically get out, that means to get out because they have done all they can. and someone like chris christie, we have the box on the screen because we are waiting on chris christie, the governor of new jersey, he said it last time with a hurricane barreling to new york and new jersey. i'm telling you, get out if you don't. i'm paraphrasing, you are not right, i don't want to say a bad word to people. you have this new book called "leadership" and making decisions in the wake of katrina and other decisions you have made. as you're watching this preparation and watching people like michael bloomberg, people down on the coast, are they making the right decisions? >> they are going in the right direction. in today's world, we have large numbers of people living in concentrated areas and
surprise. housing market coming back and state and local government still deteriorating, but if they just plateau out and are no longer a drag, the do i nynamics of thatd mean more growth. still 2013 the diceyest part of the equation right now. >>> the romney campaign issued a press release saying it's a sad reminder that our economy is at a virtual standstichlt polar opposite view of austan goolsbee. >>> not everyone is feeling the recovery. i'll tell you who got left behind right after the break. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. governor of getting it done. you know how to dance... with a deadline. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. this is awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is, business pro. yes, it is. go national. go like a pro. check out the latest collection of snacks from lean cuisine. creamy spinach artichoke dip, crispy garlic chicken spring rolls. they're this season's must-have accessory. lean cuisine. be culinary chic. if you're
main message to everybody involved is that we have to take this seriously. the federal government is working effectively with the state and local governments. it's going to be very important that populations in all the impacted states take this seriously, listen to your state and local elected officials. my message to the governors as well as to the mayors is anything they need, we will be there. and we're going to cut through red tape. we're not going to get bogged down with a lot of rules. we want to make sure we're anticipating and leaning forward into making sure we got the best possible response to what is going to be a big and nasty system. craig, would you like to add something? >> again, as the president says, it's really going to come down to taking protective measures. if you haven't gotten ready, go to but also protect your neighbors. this is a big storm and we need to be there for each other. >> for the general public, if you need to know how to respond, that's where you can get centralized information. i think craig's point is exactly right. in ti
that they normally go to vote. and that all of our efforts as government leaders, regardless of party, but certainly as mayor of the city of philadelphia, i'm going to do everything i can to make sure all of our polling places are in working, operating order. i don't think we have any at this point that are without power. but i have ever confidence that governor corbett and his team, the secretary of the commonwealth, well make sure that the polling places are operating, either under their own power or with generators. and that is how we should approach it. >> and mayor, i know you have a very busy schedule because you're dealing with this, and with the election, just three days. three days to the election. and i'm just being honest here, of course we want to encourage everybody to vote, let's be realistic. when you saw the woman who lost her kids, they washed away. when you see people on the corner, saying we're dying here, we don't have food, shelter, clothes, i can't get gas. where would presidential voting and politics be on people's minds if they have lost everything they own? >> reporter: well
k35i7b events. u.s. government has nonemergency federal workers granted administrative leave on monday due to hurricane. president obama declared a state of emergency for the commonwealth of massachusetts as a result of hurricane sandy. u.s. federal offices in d.c. closed. philadelphia, the southeast pennsylvania transit authority, septa as its called, will suspend all services at the end of the sunday service. listening, they're not playing around, if you're in any of these areas, you need to listen to what your officials are telling us. george howell is in kill devil hills, north carolina. george, you have been out there all day. tell me how the weather has intensified. >> reporter: don, i can tell you right now we are actually getting a break in the wind. the winds are dying down a bit, but they are also shifting. we can tell that's happening, and that strong rain is backing off, but this storm continues to move to the north and it is changing hour by hour. here within the last few hours we've been in touch with emergency management officials here in dare county just to fi
for the government providing services or assistance for people, and then he was saying that he was raised by a single mother, and that the government stepped in to bridge the gap in between jobs for her and the family, just as he said, the federal government is doing on the east coast. with the storm. and then he pledged some money to the red cross for that. so i think we may be seeing some kind of segue in that regard, certainly from someone introducing president obama. i have to tell you, about a minute or so ago, air force one touched down here in green bay, a pretty dramatic entrance, the crowd was excited to see the plane come in. and i do know from a campaign source that president obama off the top of his remarks he will give momentarily will talk about the storm but also getting back to campaign business and making the case for his re-election. we're certainly going to be hearing some politics as we heard before the storm, as well, ashleigh. >> and, you know, when you just sort of glossed over that, made a donation to the red cross, we should say that that packers' defense you're talking about
timeline as you mentioned as well. the government is predicting that in new york city, the economic loss alone of what i'm just reporting to you is going to be upwards of $7 billion. now, that's an early estimate. and since we don't know when things are going to be up and running again, who knows if that number is going to balloon. look at the -- look behind me. this is as it is, and there is no one doing any work to clear those streets. that's going to be a secondary priority to get -- to making sure everything else is operational in this city. one other thing i want to tell you, just the way new yorkers can be, we get a bad wrap a lot of times here, but we have a live truck operating that has a lot of power and we have neighborhood people who have come and formed to plug in and get electricity for their phones, to charge up their phones. it is a pretty good mood, despite what came through here as mayor bloomberg said the worst storm the city has ever seen, anderson. >> and a lot of parts of lower manhattan too, very spotty cell service, people aren't getting e-mails on their mobile dev
what change is. we know what the future requires. we don't need a big government agenda or a small government agenda. we need a middle class agenda that rewards hard work and responsibility. we don't need a partisan agenda. we need a commonsense agenda that says when we educate a poor child, we'll all be better off. that says when we fund the research of a young scientist, her new discovery will benefit every american. we need a vision that says we don't just look out for ourselves. we look out for one another. we look out for future generations, and we meet those obligations by working together. that's the change we believe in. that's what this election is all about. now, let's be clear. achieving this agenda won't be easy. it's never been easy. we always knew that. back in 2008 when we talked about change, i told i wasn't just talking about changing presidents. i wasn't just talking about changing parties. i was talking about changing our politics. i ran because the voices of the american people, your voice, had been shut out of our democracy for way too long by lobbyists and spe
one of many government agencies helping to monitor the superstorm. rick knabb is director of the national hurricane center. he joins us now from miami. rick, tell us what you know about the storm. what's the latest? >> well, the latest is that it is making this turn to the left as it sets its sights on the coastline with a landfall of a circulation center sometime late tonight, early tomorrow morning. but what we're also seeing is already some very bad weather on the coast in the mid-atlantic states and moving up to the northeast. the rain is falling in some spots in the coastal region here, in the chesapeake bay area area. tropical storm force or gail force winds already occurring in some places. we're seeing initial water rises in many parts of the mid-atlantic, northeastern coastline. a prelude to the storm surge we are expecting to see later tonight and into tomorrow. >> you listen to the weather reports all up and down the east coast and also in the midwest and the meteorologists are saying this is a superstorm. we've never seen anything like this. and i must say that
, govern in prose. he is trying to campaign as a candidate of change and president obama is trying to reconcile that inspiring rhetoric with the record he has to run on, he's making a much more modest case. we're not there yet, but we have turned the corner, made progress, and don't turn back the clock on the policies. it is a different argument certainly than we heard from barack obama four years ago. >> what don is asking the question we have been getting from undecided voters, right? like barack obama, i understand he got -- handed a bad economy, but things aren't as much better as i thought they were going to be and i like what mitt romney is saying how he sees the future looking like but i'm not sure how he gets there. >> we hear a lot of swing voters talking about the deficit and the debt. concerned about the economy, the jobs. but that's not abstract. they understand that on a fundamental level and that's a key pitch the republicans have been making. that issue does resonate with people at their kitchen table. >> all right. great conversation. thank you, guys. >> i got one q
a real problem. big picture, though. it's pretty clear that the state has emergency rules that govern natural disasters, the state needs to follow its own rule. new york has a rule that might be construed to say if you have an emergency affecting a threshold portion of the voting population in a particular area, you can extend the election one day at a time for up to 20 days or so. that's a rule they can lean on. and if anybody wants to take issue with that down the road they sort of take it up in the courts. >> that scares me the most. >> i know. >> can you imagine? i don't even want to imagine that. joe johns, thank you so much. >>> for the presidential candidates, the election seems to have taken a backseat to storm recovery. there's a reason why. we'll talk about the delegates' strategy involved in disaster politics. >>> your chance to talk back. will sandy change the election? who could play politics when so many have lost so much? governor chris christie, exhausted and relentlessly nonpartisan, today he will tour his state with president obama, a president he has praised for his
expanded government role to insure that everyone has health care or not? do you have much more private sector oriented solution, which would allow some people not to have health care, which is what mitt romney wants when he wants to repeal obama care? both pieces really get at that very basic choice. i think those are the two central things here. how are we going to pay for a reduction in our debt in terms of our tax code, and number two, our health care system, which is both a matter of insuring people and also it's also a debt question. >> michael, is there any way to measure who picks up which copy in terms of who supports -- who gets more support this go-round? >> you know, i don't know the answer to that question. it's a great one, but, look, you know, we're proud because, you know, it's two different issues that's complicated enough to begin with. we have a third one now because of this storm that came along, and particularly for readers in the northeast. we wanted to make sure that we were speaking to what is on their mind, what they're interested in. i don't know how you measur
the storm and making pronouncements about emergency deck la la rations and resources that the government should share with those affected. mitt romney is going to find the time to make sure he's getting his -- i think that generally people in a storm, i don't really care how presidential someone's acting, they're just thinking about themselves and how they're going to get to work and how they're going to keep their clothes clean and keep their frozen chicken from going rotten. >> maryland, virginia, both are enjoying early voting on saturday, yesterday, but now it's being suspended. so how do you see this kind of changing the pace or the potential impact of early voe voting in some of the states that were residents that wanted to take advantage of this this week? >> it definitely affects it. it depresses the number of people who file early. that's really a problem. president obama has really been intent on banking all this early vote. he and his supporters are soft supporters. and they wanted to rack up those numbers early, they made a huge effort to do that, they say that's put them in
campaign. and the message from the president to his top advisors and top officials is that the government cannot drop the ball. >> what i told the governors and mayors is what i've been saying to my team from the start of this event. and that is we don't have any patience for bureaucracy. we don't have any patience for red tape. and we want to make sure that we are figuring out a way to get to yes as opposed to no when it comes to these problems. >> reporter: now later today top officials from the obama administration will be fanning out across the impacted areas in new jersey and also in new york visiting hospitals, visiting with utilities. the idea here, according to the obama administration, is for these officials to see the progress firsthand and also come back with potential solutions, help the need -- help, rather, the things that they need get to the location in a timely manner. >> dan, the president has incredible schedule over the next few days, campaigning in ohio, wisconsin, iowa, and virginia, just to name a few. why does he and his camp feel it's so important to spend as much
government should work. >> i absolutely agree. i will tell you i haven't heard one word of criticism coming out of mitt romney or paul ryan. not only am i swing state election survivor, i'm also a hurricane survivor, as a floridan. when you're in a natural disaster of this size, you want to see your federal, your state, your local authorities all working together cooperating to solve the issues at hand, which are great. to solve the emergencies. i think chris christie did just the right thing for the people of new jersey. i think he did just the right thing for him, politically. i think it was politically smart and the right thing to do. >> i agree. >> listen, whether you're trying to survive a katrina or a sandy, it doesn't matter if a person has a "d" or an "r" in front of their name. >> absolutely. >> thanks, guys, appreciate it. >> stay warm vicariously through me, my friend. >> all right. the new york marathon cancelled because of sandy. but my next guess is she's still going to run in memory of her mother, when we come back. [ male announcer ] do you have the legal protection you need
of that because obviously when a disaster comes, even the people that say, you know, the government needs to get out of my business, this is the time when you really do need help from someone bigger than your neighbor. so it set off that argument as well. but i think the larger thing and one of the things that has taken up the breadth of the political discussion now is this going to affect the election in any way, will people be more likely to vote for president obama because he's looking presidential, are they less likely to vote for mitt romney because he, you know, said the fema money probably ought to go to the states and let them figure out how they want to spend money. so i think in the end, when you're looking at the states that have been affected here, particularly new jersey and new york, although obviously virginia also got hard hit as did maryland, the four of those states, they're all pretty solidly democratic, so i think in terms of what it might do to the states hard hit, i think you still are looking at three solidly democratic states and one tossup state, virginia. >> candy crowl
with kindness and respect. so that's kind of the, you know, that's the overall governing principle in our household. we don't stray too far from it. and i don't have to worry about, you know, barack not being, you know, a disciplinarian or me -- we balance each other out. yeah. >> we have this reminder for you. coming up at 7:30, make sure you tune in for our special report "the journey of ann romney." but first a news update for you. states of emergency declared all along the east coast. we're looking at what could be an unprecedented storm just days from the election. or engaging. conversations help us learn and grow. at wells fargo, we believe you can never underestimate the power of a conversation. it's this exchange of ideas that helps you move ahead with confidence. so when the conversation turns to your financial goals... turn to us. if you need anything else, let me know. [ female announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far. [ female announcer ] wells fargo. trying to find a better job can be frustrating. so at university of phoenix we're working with a growing list of almost t
glimpse of what the federal government was doing to stay on top of this hurricane. again, the president promising that the federal government will help states in any way possible, as you know. so far, eight states have been declared states of emergency by this president, including the district of columbia. and that frees up some federal dollars to help them not only during the storm but also in the clean-up effort. >> dan, we're still a week away from a national election. this is not going away. what about the early voting? what about the efforts of people to do the in-person early voting state to state? >> reporter: well, obviously that is a concern. not only on the voting end of it but these are key battleground states that the president really wanted to be in in these final days before the election where the race is neck and neck. so you pointed out, the president was supposed to have this event in florida, pulled out of there. was supposed to have another event tonight in virginia over not only today and tomorrow. he was supposed to be in ohio, also in wisconsin and colorado. and he
of the coordination ongoing between the federal government, state, local officials. the president also promising that the federal government will continue to assist in any way possible. this comes in the wake of calls that the president has had with state governors and local officials overnight and the impacted areas, new jersey and new york, also declaration -- disaster declarations that were assigned for new york and new jersey and emergency declarations for additional states including virginia and west virginia. the situation remains fluid. unclear beyond wednesday when the president will be heading back out on the campaign trail. it's a critical time, days to go before election day, so the president, the campaign, they want to get back out to encourage early voting and perhaps try to deliver their closing arguments for those voters out there still undecided in those critical battleground states. >> dan, i'll tell you what, as if to say politics does come it a screeching halt in the face of disaster, republican governor chris christie lauding the president's efforts, the disaster relief today
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the federal government is doing to tackle this horrific storm. forecasters expect that sandy will make landfall as early as tonight. the eye of the storm appears headed for jersey shore. the delmarva peninsula. it's an area that includes delaware, parts of maryland and urban search and rescue teams already standing by in maryland, waiting for deployment orders from fema. coastal maryland getting ready, already pounded by a strong waves, high surf. martin o'malley is following developments from the emergency management center. governor, first of all, thanks for joining us. i know this is a very busy time for you. i was just in maryland over the weekend visiting with family and friends, and clearly a lot of people right now quite tense about what is about to take place. you have search and rescue teams in place. we've seen dramatic people. what is the one thing that you are most concerned about now? >> well, right now is the storm that starts to come ashore, and we're most concerned about the potential loss of life. i mean, we need for people to stay off the roads. we need for them to st
cut spending. we actually reduced the amount of money government was spending. and then we cut taxes 19 times. we made our state more business-friendly, the result of all of this was or job growth went from the basement up 20 points, up 20 states, that is. and we were able to balance the budget. and by the way, the $3 billion budget gap turned into a rainy day fund. >> hi, everybody, i'm don lemon, we'll let you continue to listen to mitt romney, we'll watch coverage politics and hurricane sandy, back in a few minutes with mitt romney. >> let me tell you, i'm confident in the future. look, i know these have been tough years and we're tired of being tired. yeah, the democrats chant four more years, we chant ten more days. righ right? >> ten more days, ten more days, ten more days, ten more days. >> you are right, ten more days, ten more days's we're changing our chant tomorrow, they keep saying four more years, we got a new chanlt, ten more days. let me tell you why i'm so confident. i have seen the entrepreneur's spirit in this country. i've seen it here, by the way. i was delighted.
as ten days. the bottom line here is as you look at these pictures with me here, government leaders, they say this is not hype, folks. this is real. sandy has already killed 67 people, and that's outside of the united states. >> there will undoubtedly be some deaths that are caused by the intensity of this storm, by the floods, by the tidal surge, and by the waves. >> one important note i want to bring you here, a live briefing, we'll be getting the live briefing from fema, the federal emergency management agency. that should be happening in about half an hour so we'll be watching for that. also, we heard from specifically the president just a little earlier today from the briefing room. here's part of what he said. >> if public's not following instructions, that makes it more dangerous for people, and it means that we could have fatalities that could have been avoided. >> that was the president earlier today. we have correspondents covering this hurricane up and down the northeast coast here all the way from north carolina upward. but i want to go straight to chad myers. chad, walk
branch of government. but presidents do appoint the chairman of the fed. so it matters to you and your money who sits in that seat. alan blind ser a professor of economics at princeton university. he's a former federal reverse vice chairman. thank you for joining us. it's good to see you. let's talk about ben bernanke's fed. does it have more of an influence on this economy -- on our markets and the economy than the fed's mission would dictate that it has? >> well, that's a hard question to answer because the fed's mission is to promote maximum employment and stable prices. as you just said, the inflation rate's been very stable over the bernanke era, as it was in the later part of the greenspan era. the fed has been working overtime, so to speak, both figuratively and literally on its employment mandate and it still is. what's clear, it's been very activist by historical standards, absolutely. >> reporter: should congress be doing more of the work that the fed is trying to achieve? >> congress should be doing more of the work the fed's trying to achieve. look, the reason the fed has b
christie is vocal and public with the praise of president obama and the federal government's overall response to hurricane sandy. that's going to be help that's crucial to new jersey residents because just look at what they're facing. these are some of the newest pictures of the shore. where you can see that entire communities have been washed away, buried in sand or just ripped apart by the force of sandy. home after home, practically washed out to sea, in fact. rivers have just sprung up where previously there was only sand. more than 75% of the jersey shore is actually flooded and more than 2 million customers in new jersey have no power. look at the water still there. unbelievable. six people so far the toll of those who have died in jersey. this is the reality for the state right now. fires springing up looking like gas burning and look at this. seaside heights. one of the communities you are looking at now. that's a roller coaster or at least it was. right now in the middle of the atlantic. block after block is entirely consumed by this superstorm. the may why are of seaside he
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 55 (some duplicates have been removed)